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Nail Prep Bundle

Nail Prep Bundle

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  • You can prime the nail at the very beginning of your gel nail manicure. In order to prevent your base coat from sticking to the nail, primers will eliminate any leftover oils and grease from the nail plate. Additionally, it stops the emergence of any air bubbles for improved adhesion.

Base Coat

  • A base coat creates a protective layer between the nail bed and the nail polish to protect nails from damage such as chipping, peeling, or scratching, and to protect them from the marked yellow discoloration that often accompanies reddish, pink, or dark colors.  Use it in conjunction with our Primer and our beautiful gels.

Non Wipe Top Coat

  • No Wipe Top Coat is exactly what it sounds like: a gel top coat that dries without leaving any sticky residue behind to be removed with a gel cleanser.  It dries just like a regular gel top coat.  It is quick, simple, hassle-free, and nails have a brilliant shine thanks to the super-shine finish.


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